Join - Kids

The APTC Kids Club is coached by Shayne McLellan, son of Head Coach Jim McLellan, who emphasizes the importance of a healthy lifestyle and consistant training. The APTC Kids Club is also coached by Ameer Khan who brings experiences from the younger triathlon series. The APTC Kids Club was created as a way for younger athletes to be introduced to and improve at the sport of triathlon while gaining the support of fellow athletes and having fun.

Benefits of joining APTC:

- Discounts of 10% to 20% at our partnering retailers; more retailers to come.

- Achieve your athletic goals while training with like-minded athletes.

- Feel the excitement and exhilaration of outdoor training including guarded and insured open water swim training, group bike rides, group/individual runs, and transition training.

- Retain the self-direction of your own training while benefiting from coached, group work outs.

- Liability insurance of $5,000,000 on every APTC OAT sanctioned training practice.

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